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Advanced workers of Real Group in 2007, coming out

     Through choosing and judging, advanced workers of Real Group in 2007 are coming out. The list of advanced workers is as follows (the names have no first or second order):

        /UserFiles/Image/liangrengui(2).jpg             /UserFiles/Image/liyanqiang(2).jpg            /UserFiles/Image/jiangshoulong(1).jpg            /UserFiles/Image/liwei(1).jpg


     Beijing Real Company          Beijing Real Company       Mingguang Real Company     Mingguang Real Company

            Liang Rengui                        Li Yanqiang                       Jiang Shoulong                         Li Wei


      /UserFiles/Image/wangjihu(1).jpg             /UserFiles/Image/wangjianjun(1).jpg             /UserFiles/Image/wangwei(1).jpg            /UserFiles/Image/wuhongyun(1).jpg      

  Mingguang Real Company        Chengdu Real Company         Chengdu Real Company         Chengdu Real Company

               Wang Jihu                        Wang Jianjun                            Wang Wei                          Wu Hongyun         



     Nanjing Real Company             

          Wu Shouhong

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